Welcome to the Colorado Book Awards Online Submission Manager.  

To be eligible for a Colorado Book Award, a primary contributor to the book must be a Colorado writer, editor, illustrator or photographer. Current Colorado residents are eligible, as are individuals engaged in ongoing literary work in the state and authors whose personal history, identity, or literary work reflect a strong Colorado influence. Authors not currently Colorado residents who feel their work is inspired by or connected to Colorado should submit a letter in addition to his/her entry describing the connection. Final eligibility determinations will be made by the Colorado Book Awards Advisory Committee.

As a contributor, you may submit your own work or as a publisher you may submit the work of the authors you represent.

Entries in the 26th Annual Colorado Book Awards must have a 2016 publication date. 
Books published and available in late 2015 that have a delayed (2016) copyright may be submitted either in the 25th or 26th Annual Colorado Book Awards, but not both.  With the exception of fine press entries, books must be professionally published and assigned an ISBN.

New editions of previously published work are not eligible unless substantive changes have been made to the text of the book. 

An Entry Fee of $53.00 is required to process your entry. You will be given the option of paying that fee online or submitting it via check.


Ends on June 1, 2018
Thank you for being a part of the Denver Veterans Writing Workshops.  The workshops will begin in late summer 2017 and run through May 2018.  Writers published in the anthology will be paid and invited to participate in a metro-Denver-wide reading and conversation series starting in fall 2018.

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