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Colorado Humanities & Center for the Book’s Book Awards Advisory Committee assigns selectors and judges to create panels of diverse readers (e.g., scholars, librarians, booksellers, teachers, and writers) from across the state. Participating as a selector or judge provides you with an opportunity to see firsthand what leading members of Colorado’s book community are creating in a category. 

The Book Awards judging process has two parts:

Selection of finalists typically begins in early February and is completed early April.

Judging of finalists typically begins early April and is completed by mid-May.

Selectors help choose three finalist books in a given Colorado Book Award category in a three-member committee using a rubric we provide. The number of books assigned to a selector varies based on the number of entries submitted in each category. Selectors read all books submitted in their assigned category. If selectors cannot come to agreement, final overall scores will be used in determining a finalist.

Judges help choose a Colorado Book Award winner in a three-member committee using a rubric we provide. During the month of March, the committee reads and assesses finalists in each category to select a winner in each category. If judges cannot come to agreement, final overall scores will be used in determining a winner.

Selectors and judges do not receive compensation for serving but will receive a complimentary ticket to the Colorado Book Awards celebration for the year they select or judge and may keep the books they review. 

There is no limit to how many years a selector or judge may serve on a committee; however, selectors and judges may not be asked to serve in consecutive award years on the same category committee. An individual may serve as both a selector and judge in any given awards year, provided s/he adjudicates different categories. In the spirit of community, efforts will be made to accommodate all who wish to volunteer.

A facilitator may be appointed to the category by the Colorado Book Awards Advisory Committee to lead the category committee. The facilitator is asked to guide selectors and judges through the process and to lead the committee discussions. In lieu of a facilitator, the Colorado Book Awards program coordinator will serve in this role. Selectors and judges are asked to come prepared to both contribute and listen in a civil discussion, demonstrating respect for fellow selectors, judges, authors, and publishers. The information about books entered, the adjudication process, and all discussions about entries are considered strictly confidential.

Selectors and Judges will be provided hard copies of all entries, but if an emergency arises, we will give access to a PDF version of the book. To review such digital books, aside from having a verified email address, you will need Internet access and a computer, iPad, Nook, Kindle, or other e-reader that handles a PDF file format. When you are assigned as a selector or judge, you will receive additional information and training on how to access and use our online Submittable portal.

If you have any additional questions please email info@coloradohumanities.org.

If you are interested in booking one of our Speakers Bureau presenters, please complete the following application at least 8 weeks prior to your desired event date. Our speakers include 2020, 2021, and 2022 Colorado Book Awards finalists and winners. They can read from their work, lecture, lead workshops, or join book club discussions about their work. Please visit https://coloradohumanities.org/programs/ccftb-speakers-bureau/ for a complete list.

Our mission at the Colorado Center for the Book is to encourage a love of reading and books among people of all ages through diverse cultural activities. For more information, contact Mary Hickey, 303.894.7951 x19, mary@coloradohumanities.org.

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